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Emotions: What Are They & Why Do We Have Them - Mini Course


Program Specialist, SRAS


Executive Director, Leadership Coach, SRAS

This 1 module mini course is designed to help us learn about emotions, what they do for us, how to regulate them, and tools/strategies to understand them. Everyone has emotions. They can help aid us if we understand how they work.

What's included?

  • 1 Module
  • Course Credit
  • Furthering Questions
  • Thought Provoking Material
  • Certificate of Completion

Emotional Regulation

We will learn the meaning and importance of emotional regulation/ self-regulation. This will help us to gain some control over emotions and emotional responses instead of feeling like they control us.

Tips & Strategies

We will also cover suggested strategies and mindsets to help us understand our emotions and why we have them. This will hopefully help to make  them not as overwhelming as they can seem.
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Meet the Instructor

(He/Him) is a born and raised Michigander. Isaac received his Bachelor's in Social Work from Michigan State University in 2017 with a certification in diversity. He is currently pursuing his Master's in Clinical Counseling from Wayne State University. As ASPIRE's Program Specialist, Isaac spends most of his time creating and collaborating on courses and social media.

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