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Through this course, we will learn how to develop and grow in character, connect with like-minded individuals, set goals that align with our "why", make decisions that reinforce our goals and values, and receive strategies and tools to help us stay committed to becoming the people we ASPIRE to be!

We know that the quality of our relationships can be determined by the quality of the relationship and understanding we have with ourselves. Join us on this journey of mastering ourselves through "Mastering Me"!

Here is what we will cover in
this course

Positive Character

Everybody has a baseline of character strengths. Find out what yours are and learn how to cultivate a growth mindset to becoming an even more incredible you!

Decision Making

Why do you make the decisions that you do, and how do you feel about the outcomes? Learn how to practice mindfulness in decision-making and make choices that align with your character and desires.

Reinforcing Your "Why"

At your core, you have a set of values, hopes, and intentions that become the driving force of your life. Identify your core "why" and reinforce your reason for moving forward each day to be better than before.

Cultivating Powerful Connections

Your core relationships can change the trajectory of your life in many instances. From family members to mentors and friends, the connections we cultivate with others can significantly impact our social, emotional, mental, and even physical health. Learn how to grow strong relationships with those around you!

Setting and Achieving Goals

Have you heard of the SMART goal setting method? Well, knowing what the acronyms stand for is a great place to start. This course will help you to move beyond a baseline understand and into a process for goal setting that will help motivate you and propel you into the future, you can envision for yourself.

Staying Committed

The commitments we make to ourselves are even more important than the commitments we make to others. We will discuss how to adjust when challenges arise, why avoiding risk behaviors is a healthy choice, and how to stay committed to your growth journey.

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